Writing for Adults

Rupert Matthews is a freelance writer of books and articles on a variety of subjects. He concentrates on History, Nature, Travel and Cryptozoology. He has been writing books for over 25 years and has had more than 150 titles published in 30 different languages. He has also presented TV shows and performed on radio and on stage as well as providing advice and research for TV and movie companies.

His works show a great attention to detail and frequently take a new and refreshing look at the subjects in hand. He is able to provide artwork references and to check artwork for accuracy. He is also able to produce maps and very often photos as well. Rupert is also adept at project management, taking a book from concept through to finished project handling the co-ordination of design, picture research and contributors to assure a smooth completion of the entire project.


Rupert has written more than a hundred history books for adults and for children. Rupert has tackled a wide range of subjects on British,  European and global history including social and military history, biographies, regional topics and walking guides. Rupert has covered a wide range of periods, from prehistoric to the Second World War. Whether you are looking for an in depth analysis of a key historic period, or a light-hearted gallop through history with anecdotes and jokes, Rupert can help you out.




Whether it is dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals or contemporary wild landscapes, Rupert has written a range of books and articles on the wonderful natural world around us. The subjects of the books include generic books giving an overview of a palaeontological period to individual works focussing on a specific extinct genus or fossil specimen. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are a complex subject with often highly technical details need to be explained clearly to a wider audience. Rupert keeps track of the latest developments in the palaeontological world to ensure that the books he produces are fully up to date. He has produced the text for a variety of works, but has also project managed books including the commissioning of artworks and design, the supervision of contributors.




Rupert has written a wide erange of travel guides and books, mostly covering the UK and Europe. His walking guides to various places around the UK come complete with maps, photos and helpful advice on public transport, parking and eateries as well as where to go and what to see. He provides material to the publisher in an easily processed format with all photos and other illustrative material clearly labelled for ease of matching to the relevant text.






It is not just the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster, there are dozens of unrecognised animals out there where evidence for their existence is building steadily. Rupert's books have taken an objective view of the subject, looking at the evidence and allowing readers to draw their own conclusions. As with his history work, his writings on the paranormal are well researched and securely grounded in fact.

Whatever genre Rupert is writing about or editing, he has never  missed a deadline and has always delivered work of a high quality to brief and to length.


Contact Rupert on 07721 455944 or rupert@rupertmatthews.com