School Visits - Preparing for a Visit


1 - Things to Do Before my Visit

There is much that you can do to ensure that your pupils get the most out of one of my visits. Here are some pre-visit preparation ideas:

  • Introduce children to my books.
    – Can they find any in the school library?
    – Can they borrow any from the local public library?
    – Can you borrow a selection of my books from your School Library Service


  • Talk to them about non-fiction.
    – Make sure they know I write information or fact books.
    – Find out what non-fiction topics they are interested in, and why.


  • Introduce children to this website.
    – Set them a self-directed research task, such as a piece of biographical writing or storyboarding about Rupert Matthews.


  • Write a welcome script.
    Set children a task to write a welcome script to read to me when I arrive in their class, or whole school in an assembly. What do they want to tell me about themselves, their school or their community?


  • Design Posters.
    Ask the pupils to design a poster about my visit. It should include such information as my name, the date of the visit and some information from this website. 


2 - Books Sales

I offer signed books for parents/children to buy on the day of my visit, and will send you an order form beforehand. Please photocopy it and send it home with the children a few days before my visit. The form shows a selection of my books, all suitable for Reception / KS1 / KS2. If parents decide to purchase a book, they need to return the completed order form and payment to school in time for my visit (there is a return date printed on the form). I will sign books at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

Please note that if your school chooses not to distribute the order form, a £25 surcharge will be made as part of the cost of the visit.

Book sales – questions I'm often asked
Q: Can children order books after the visit?
A: Yes – but only if the parent or the school pays for the postage.

Q: Can schools order books?
A: Certainly! Schools buy books for the library, as guided readers, and as prizes. If you decide to do this, please try and let me know in advance of the visit, so I know how many copies to bring with me. No need to pay on the day – I'll add the cost to the invoice.

Q: We are in an area of high social stress and don't think parents will buy your books. What do you say to this?
A: Simple – give your parents the choice and let them decide. .

If you have concerns about book sales, please talk to me before the visit, as this will avoid embarrassment on the day.

3 - On the Day


On the day of the visit, please make sure I :

  1. Have tables to set up my display materials.
  2. Have access to drinking water.
  3. Am accompanied at all times - my public liability insurance requires this.