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The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

On a recent visit to Belfast I found myself wandering past this magnificent façade – The Merchant Hotel.

Clarence Park, Weston-Super-Mare

I came to Weston super Mare for a long weekend away, and a fab time. I found Clarence Park on my first day and stopped at the café there for a snack. It was so good I came back again and again. You should too.

Birmingham City Council House

In 1852, Birmingham Town Council decided that the old Town Hall of 1807 was too small, so a new City Hall began to be built.

Burton le Coggles

I wasn’t going to visit Burton le Coggles – I was on my way somewhere else – but I saw the name on a signpost and could not resist. What was this place with such a wonderful name.

Foxton - The Field

The Leicestershire village of Foxton is best known for the amazing ladder of locks on the Grand Union Canal, but I came here to have a peek at the field just south of the lovely parish church.

James Horner Haslett

On the lawn outside Belfast City Hall stand a number of statues. This one is of James Horner Haslett, a former Mayor of Belfast

Overton Hill Barrows, Wiltshire

Of all the prehistoric barrows in Wiltshire, the most visited must surely be those on Overton Hill.

War comes to Ashby Parva

The Leicestershire village of Ashby Parva is charming and today is a fairly quiet place of some 250 inhabitants. That was not always the case.

A Visit to Weston super Mare

I just love Weston super Mare. It is a great classic British seaside resort with everything you would expect.

Exeter Cathedral – well worth a visit

I spent almost an entire day in Exeter Cathedral. It is a wonderful building packed with memorials, beautiful artworks, quirky corners and – if you time it right – some wonderful music praising God.

John Betjeman at St Pancras

At the heart of London’s magnificent St Pancras Station stands this statue of the poet John Betjeman. And fully deserved is the honour.

Castle Bytham - the castle

The castle at Castle Bytham in Lincolnshire is one of the most significant motte and bailey castle in England.

Avebury Church, Wiltshire

The Wiltshire village of Avebury is best known for its massive prehistoric henge, but there is also a lovely medieval church located here.

The War Graves of Great Ponton

I came here to pay my respects to two graves of servicemen cared for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Chamberlain Memorial, Birmingham

The Chamberlain Memorial in bimringham was erected in 1880 to commemorate Joseph Chamberlain (1836–1914),

Graves in Colsterworth

I came to Colsterworth in Lincolnshire astride the A1 to look for the graves of two servicemen

The War Graves of Twyford

The churchyard at Twyford, Leicestershire, holds two graves that are cared for by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission [CWGC].

West Kennet Long Barrow

This is a burial mound where dozens of people were buried over a period of centuries some 4,000 years ago.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is a covered market in the City of London,

Weston Super Mare Pier

The Grand Pier at Weston Super Mare is a fantastic place to visit

Albert Clock Tower, Belfast

The magnificent Albert Clock Tower in Belfast is a key and much-loved, if slightly wonky, landmark in the city.

The Graves of Corby Glen in Lincolnshire

I came to Corby Glen in Lincolnshire to visit the grave of Able Seaman Eric Griffiths who died on 23 March 1942 on board HMS Nelson

The Sanctuary, Avebury

What is now a field dotted with concrete markers was once a magnificent stone and timber circle

Deene Park

Deene Park is a wonderful eclectic mix of architectural styles, having evolved through the centuries.

The Ridgeway

The Ridgeway is an ancient trackway, perhaps 5,000 years old, which is often described as Britain's oldest road.

The Railway at Weston at Welland

Running roughly northeast to southwest across the countryside to the west of Weston by Welland, Northamptonshire, is a disused railway line.

Topsham, Devon

Topsham is a lovely little town in Devon on the estuary of the River Exe.

St Pancras New Church in London

I was in London recently and went to have a quick look at the magnificent St Pancras Church, which is unsurprisingly a mere stone’s throw from St Pancras Station.

Marlborough, Wiltshire

The High Street in Marlborough, Wiltshire, is the widest in England.

War Grave at Swayfield, Lincolnshire

I came here looking for a grave cared for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. That of Aircraftman 1st Class Wilfrid Leslie Atter

Avebury Henge

Recognised for its globally important Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, here you’ll find the world’s largest stone circle, stone avenues and ancient tombs. Much

War Graves in Foxton

I came to Foxton – famous for its canal locks – to look for three graves of servicemen who gave their lives for King and County and to whom we owe so much.