Rupert as Guest Speaker

Covid-19 Update : Most of Rupert's talks can be given via Zoom or Skype if preferred. These are highlighted below. 


Plagues, Pandemics and Covid-19   [Zoom Friendly]

The world has been in Lockdown due to the new disease Covid-19. But how does this most recent pandemic compare to earlier pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, SARS, Smallpox or the Black Death? In this topical talk based on his forthcoming new book, Rupert Matthews explains how pandemics occur, why some new diseases are more dangerous than others. The talk then looks at the progress of past pandemics, society's reaction, their causes and cures before turning to Covid-19 and comparing it to past pandemics. Not for the faint-hearted.



Looking for a speaker who will engage your audience with an amusing, interesting and informative talk?

Invite published author and inspirational speaker, Rupert Matthews. Whatever the size or make up of your audience, Rupert is an ideal speaker to make your event as memorable as possible. 

About the Talksvicotry
Rupert’s talks are lively, informative and fun. They are carefully tailored to suit audiences of all backgrounds, ages and tastes. Rupert has spoken successfully to WI, Probus, Round Table, Rotary, U3A and social groups of all kinds as well as to lecture groups, library talks and educational establishments.

All talks come in standard 20 minute, 40 minute and 60 minute versions, plus questions afterwards, but most can be made to suit any time slot you have available. All talks involve  a screen presentation, objects to handle, costume changes - or all three! Rupert can bring all his own equipment, but can as easily use your facilities. 

Each talk is followed up by a quiz for you to use at your next meeting, suggestions for days out and a list of further reading that you can give to your members.  

Rupert offers not only general history talks, but also talks specifically highlighting local areas, such as Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire or Berkshire or dealing with season events including Christmas, St George's Day, St Patrick's Day and St David's Day. See the listings below. 

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History Talks
Plagues, Pandemics and Covid-19   [Zoom Friendly]
King Arthur – Myth or Reality?   [Zoom Friendly]
The History of Buttons   [Zoom Friendly]
The Escape of Charles II - an oak tree, a smuggling boat and more close escapes than you would believe.   [Zoom Friendly]
Girl Power – Four Thousand Years of Women and the Military   [Zoom Friendly]
Hengist – the First English King   [Zoom Friendly]
Jack the Ripper   [Zoom Friendly]
Jane Austen and the Military   [Zoom Friendly]
The Kingdom of Lindsey [Lincolnshire]   [Zoom Friendly]
The Kingdom of Sussex   [Zoom Friendly]
The Kingdom of Mercia
Magna Carta in the 21st Century
The Pagan Gods of England
The Female Pope   [Zoom Friendly]
The Lost Railways of Berkshire   [Zoom Friendly]
Richard III – Hero or Villain?   [Zoom Friendly]
The Real Robin Hood   [Zoom Friendly]
Ernest Shackleton   [Zoom Friendly]
The Sieges of Leicester   [Zoom Friendly]
The Suffragettes
Women in the World of Chivalry
The Wreck of the Titanic   [Zoom Friendly]

Military Talks
“All Over by Christmas” [The first year of the First World War]
The Arrowstorm – The Longbow in the Hundred Years War   [Zoom Friendly]
Blitzkrieg - Anatomy of a Legend   [Zoom Friendly]            
The Battle of Crecy   [Zoom Friendly]
The Dambusters Raid   [Zoom Friendly]
The Evacuation of Dunkirk   [Zoom Friendly]
The Battle of Hastings & the Norman Conquest   [Zoom Friendly]
Hitler’s Forgotten Secret Weapon   [Zoom Friendly]
Myths and Legends of the First World War   [Zoom Friendly]
RAF Bomber  Command at War   [Zoom Friendly]
The Battle of Waterloo   [Zoom Friendly]

Esoteric Talks
Monsters at the Movies
Yeti – Are the Mythical Man-Apes of the World Real?   [Zoom Friendly]

Seasonal Talks
The Real St Valentine [February]   [Zoom Friendly]
The Real St Patrick [March]   [Zoom Friendly]
The Real St George [April]   [Zoom Friendly]
Who was Guy Fawkes? [November]   [Zoom Friendly]
A History of Christmas Foods [December]
The Biography of Father Christmas [December]   [Zoom Friendly]