The List of Rupert's Talks

Rupert has a constantly expanding list of fascinating talks on history, military and seasonal subjects suitable for all sorts of audiences, age groups and occasions.

Come back regularly for updates.

Details on each talk can be found on the Talks in Detail page.






History Talks
The History of Apples
King Arthur – Myth or Reality?
The History of Buttons
The Escape of Charles II - an oak tree, a smuggling boat and more close escapes than you would believe.
Dandies and Slobs - a history gentlemen's fashions
Girl Power – Four Thousand Years of Women and the Military
Hengist – the First English King
The Coronations of King Henry VIII
Jack the Ripper
Jane Austen and the Military
The Kingdom of Lindsey [Lincolnshire]
The Kingdom of Sussex
The Kingdom of Mercia
Magna Carta in the 21st Century
The Pagan Gods of England
The Female Pope
The Lost Railways of Berkshire
Richard III – Hero or Villain?
The Real Robin Hood
Ernest Shackleton
The Sieges of Leicester
The Suffragettes
Women in the World of Chivalry
The Wreck of the Titanic


Military Talks
“All Over by Christmas” [The first year of the First World War]
The Arrowstorm – The Longbow in the Hundred Years War
Blitzkrieg - Anatomy of a Legend
The Battle of Crecy
The Dambusters Raid
The Evacuation of Dunkirk
The Battle of Hastings & the Norman Conquest
Hitler’s Forgotten Secret Weapon
Myths and Legends of the First World War
RAF Fighter  Command in Surrey
RAF Bomber  Command at War
The Battle of Waterloo

Esoteric Talks
Monsters at the Movies
Yeti – Are the Mythical Man-Apes of the World Real?

Seasonal Talks
The Real St Valentine [February]
The Real St Patrick [March]
The Real St George [April]
Who was Guy Fawkes? [November]
A History of Christmas Foods [December]
The Biography of Father Christmas [December]


A Brexiteer in Brussels – Rupert spent two years as a Member of the European Parliament