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Rupert is a professional writer, editor and project manager who can tackle a range of subjects for adults and for children.

As a writer, Rupert has been writing books and articles for over 20 years. He has had and has had more than 150 books published in 30 different languages. He has written articles for magazines, newspapers and websites.

As an editor, Rupert has successfully packaged books and magazines for a range of clients.

As a project manager, Rupert has led teams of up to 20 writers, artists, picture researchers, designers and others to put together multi-media productions, books, blogs, websites and much more. All his projects have been completed on time and on budget.



Rupert has worked on history projects as diverse as Mayans, Ninja and Romans. He specialises in British, European and military history but has also successfully completed projects concernting the Americas, Asia and Africa. Whether writing for adults, children, special needs or English as a foreign language, Rupert can produe text of an appropriate vocabulary and reading level. All projects have been completed on time and to brief.



Rupert has produced a number of nature projects concerning fauna & flora, environment and geography subjects. Among these subjects hsve been works dealing with cryptozoology in a level-headed and pragmatic way balancing the evidence for and against the genuine exitence of creatures such as the Yeti and the Sea Serpent.



Rupert has written a number of travel books, both in the form of guides and teravel writing. Most recently, Rupert has written a series of ebook guides to British battlefields allowing readers to walk around the historic sites in real time with their own guide on their phone screens.



You can find a list of my published books on the All My Books page.

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More details about the writing that I do for juveniles is available on the Children's Books page.

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