About my School Visits

Covid-19 Update : School Visits have been suspended during the Lockdown.
Please come back regularly for updates.


I have been visiting schools to conduct educational activities for years. As well as talking about my life as an author, I conduct literacy workshops, talks and readings for children from Reception to Key Stage 2.           
My visits are outlined below, but follow the links for more details:
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2​
After School Clubs

You may be familiar with visits from a fiction author, but a children's non-fiction author is refreshingly different and brings very different features to your pupils.

Reception and KS1: Fiction reading.
My picture-book “Bertie the Bentley” follows the adventures of an old car who meets a new young owner. The children can join in, and there's a fun surprise at the end.
Learning objectives: Listening and responding, predicting.

KS1 : Non-fiction Activities
Based on the books that I have written for the “History Changers” series for Bretwalda Books. The class votes for which book they want to work with. I then lead them in reading, distribute artwork primers to encourage imaginative work based on the book subject. With optional screen show to discuss the background to the subject in hand. Can be followed with an optional writing recount activity.
Learning objectives: Listening and responding, questioning, chronological writing (if you follow up the reading with a writing activity).

KS1 & KS2 Creative writing
Fairy Tales: Children write fairy stories with a modern twist based on stock charaters and produce mini-booklets.
Learning objectives: Creating and shaping imaginative texts.

KS2 : Non-fiction writing
Biographies: Children work in pairs to write their partner's biography and produce mini-booklets.
Learning objectives: Speaking, listening, writing and presenting information texts.

KS2 : Non-fiction writing
Formal letter: Children write a formal letter to the Prime Minister.
Learning objectives: Letter format, correct greeting and closing styles, persuasive and informative writing.

After School Clubs
I attend “in character” as a person from history transported through time to the school to meet with the children. Lots of scope for learning and humorous misunderstandings.

 My visits are inspirational, educational and fun.

I am DBS Checked.

I have £10 million Public Liability insurance cover for visits to schools in connection with my work.

Please follow the links to learn more about my School Visits related to Reception, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, After School Clubs and related matters. And please remember to read the Preparing for my Visit and Booking a School Visit pages for essential information.