Burton le Coggles


I wasn’t going to visit Burton le Coggles – I was on my way somewhere else – but I saw the name on a signpost and could not resist. What was this place with such a wonderful name.

It turned out to be a charming if rather straggling village. I headed for the church, which is dedicated to St Thomas a Becket [you can’t get everything right] but it was sadly locked when I came. And I mean locked. The gate to the churchyard was secured with an impressive padlock. Nevertheless, I was able to take in the architecture of the church. The spire is of a hipped design not uncommon in southern Lincolnshire and eastern Leicestershire. At a guess I would put this at 14th century  in date. If I visit again, I’ll hope to find it open and so be able to discover more.

Mind you, the pub was open https://www.thecholmeleyarms.co.uk