In Character

If you are organising a pageant, fete, festival or other event and want to feature a historic character transported from the past to organise activities and talk to your guests, then look no further.

Rupert can attend your event as one of several figures from the past. He will dress and behave exactly as if he really were that person, and has a number of realistic activities for your guests to take part in that will give them a vivid insight into the past. He will be able to answer questions about himself, his times and the people of his time just as if he had stepped out of a time machine.

With his in-depth knowledge of past times and his acting ability, Rupert truly brings the past to life in a dramatic and realistic fashion.

In character, Rupert has attended town festivals, village fetes, school history days and other events. Activities can be tailored to suit most age groups from 10 upwards.

You may choose from the following characters:

1 - Sergeant Matthews, RAF.                 
It is 1940, France has fallen and the German hordes are poised to invade Britain. Wounded during the fighting in France, Sergeant Matthews has been sent out to explain to civilians - such as your guests - the current war situation, the need for a blackout, the rigours of rationing and how to survive air raids.
Activities to be organised for your guests could include:
* Home Guard Roadblock
* RAF Parade Ground Marching
* ARP Air Raid Drill

   2 - Herald Matthews.
It is 1415, King Henry V has just won the Battle of Agincourt in France. Herald Matthews has been sent to England to recruit more soldiers and support staff to join the army in France. The Herald can explain the state of the war, the heroic actions of Englishmen - both noble and common - and explain about life on the march. 
Activities to be organised for your guests could include:
* Infantry Shieldwall Fighting
* Knightly Sword Combat
* Ambush Fighting

Fees start from 250 per visit, including all equipment and props. Contact us for a no obligation discussion of your needs.

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Rupert Matthews the History Man