Writing for Children

Rupert Matthews is a freelance writer of books for children on a variety of subjects.

He has been writing books for some years and has had more than 150 titles published in 30 different languages. Some of those books have been for grown ups, but others have been for children aged 5 upwards. He has also presented TV shows and performed on radio as well.

History - Rupert has written more than fifty history books for children. His works show a great attention to detail and frequently take a new and refreshing look at the subjects in hand. Rupert is able to provide artwork references and to check artwork for accuracy. He is also able to produce maps and very often photos as well.

Paranormal - The subjects of ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, poltergeists and the like are of growing popularity, but can be tricky to discuss for children. Rupert takes an objective view of the subject, looking at the evidence, explaining it clearly and in a non-threatening way suitable for the target age group. As with his history work, Rupert's writings on the paranormal are well researched and securely grounded in fact.

Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are a complex subject that need to be explained clearly to younger readers. Rupert keeps track of the latest developments in the palaeontological world to ensure that the books he produces are fully up to date.

Whatever genre Rupert is writing about or editing, he has never  missed a deadline and has always delivered work of a high quality to brief and to length.

On this page you can see the covers of some of the books Rupert has written for children.